Founded in 1985, Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts is a nonprofit organization that provides lawyer referral services and pro bono legal assistance to income-eligible artists and arts organizations.

“In a difficult artistic environment, MdVLA not only gives you what’s promised, a free use of their services, but continues to support clients long after the first visit. It’s comforting to know there are true advocates of the arts in Maryland.  MdVLA works on a personal level to understand your project and to match you with the most suitable advisors.” –Filmmaker Rob Fiks

“MdVLA has provided us with the means to navigate the basic legal terminology and decision-making that we need to operate as a company. Having lawyers who care about the arts community means artists can spend less time worrying about legal issues and more time enriching the cultural experience of our city.” –Dylan Koehler, Managing Director, Baltimore Rock Opera Society

“It is a challenge for independent artists to protect their work due to the complexity of intellectual property law, and the expense to adequately secure protections. The unique aspect of MdVLA’s model, working with experienced legal professionals…”—Paulo Gregory, creator of the Nature Form Community Bench, the first in a line of products aimed at teaching previously incarcerated individuals how to make functional works of art

“This album would not have been possible without the legal expertise and advice of [MdVLA volunteer] Frank Morgan. Throughout the production process, Frank has offered invaluable support and encouragement, and I am deeply grateful to him and to MdVLA for connecting us.”–Soprano Jessica Bachicha

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  • MdVLA’s Fall Art Law Clinic Line-Up

    The dates for our September Art Law Clinics have been confirmed! – September 13th, 1-4pm, at the University of Baltimore School of Law, 1420 N. Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201 – September 27th, 1-4pm, at City Arts, 440 E. Oliver St, Baltimore, MD 21202 Come meet with an attorney for a free 25-minute consultation regarding your arts related […]


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New Name, Look & Home

Maryland Lawyers for the Arts has been helping Maryland artists since 1985, but some people were still unclear about its mission. Is it a group of lawyers who like art? Well, yes, but that’s not all. It’s a group of lawyers (and business leaders) who like art so much that they volunteer their time, energies, and expertise to help artists. We couldn’t function without our volunteer lawyers and we wanted to make that clear. So we added the word to our name—hence, Maryland VOLUNTEER Lawyers for the Arts. Which led us to our new acronym and logo—Md|VLA. Which led to the need for a new and improved web site—where you are now, thanks very much to Steven Seebode. And, which coincided with our real world move to a new office in the amazing new community of nonprofits at Union Mill. We’re grateful to all the people who ‘ve made and continue to make it all happen.