Eligibility Requirements for Groups


1.         The group must be directly associated with the arts.

2.         The applicant’s legal problem must be closely related to the group’s function as an arts organization, that is, the problem must be closely related to the group’s artistic status.

3.         Determination of art-relatedness depends on the particular facts of each case.  Applications which are borderline or questionable will be referred to the attention of the MdVLA officer in charge of operations who will render a final decision on the case as to eligibility.


4.         Each group member’s annual income must not exceed $40,000.  per year

5.         Changes in Financial Circumstances:  As stated on the application form, any changes in financial status that may affect eligibility must be reported to MdVLA during the course of MdVLA service.

            If a client becomes ineligible during the course of representation due to substantial changes in circumstances, the client will be considered ineligible for further assistance.  However, exceptions may be made where immediate termination of services would result in undue hardship on the client (e.g. litigation).  The MdVLA attorney representing the client will be contacted to discuss the possibility of further pro bono representation only until such time as private counsel could reasonably be obtained by the client.

6.         Fee Generating Cases:  If the applicant’s legal matter is likely to generate substantial attorney’s fees, MdVLA has the discretion to refer the case to Lawyer Referral and Information Services.

7.         Administrative Fee:  There is a non-refundable administrative fee of $100 payable to Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts.  This fee may be waived in certain situations. You may also submit payment through the PayPal Donation button located on our website.  If you submit payment in this way, please put your name and the words “Application Fee” in the Purpose box before submitting your donation.

            Where the applicant’s case is incapable of being handled through the MdVLA for any reason, the case may be referred to Lawyer Referral and Information Services.